It seems like I am starting a new blog one more time. I love to write for countless reasons, some of them are:

  • Elaborate internal thoughts
  • It helps me to express myself in a better way
  • Reason about beliefs and truths

Thinking about how to do that without slipping into the same old habit of starting but never publish thoughts, I’m trying something new: Iterate on posts in the agile way. That means that I’ll often publish unfinished thoughts or experiences, and I’ll iterate in the process of making it better until it’s good enough to move on.

This loop offers some advantages over the traditional start, working, finish style:

  • Publish faster
  • Mature perspective in between writings
  • Update outcomes for ongoing situations

While announcing the release of the 10 years anniversary edition, Jonathan Blow talks about how he sees the game not as something temporary, but with longevity, in the same way we usually see other types of artwork:

Back when I was originally working on Braid, even when it was a simple project with ugly programmer art and looked nothing like a respectable game, I knew that one of the primary goals of the project was to treat video games as a medium with serious artistic potential. That potential involves longevity: many great works of painting, sculpture, and architecture have lasted for centuries and inspired generations of people. Video games weren’t like that back then (and still mostly aren’t today), and I knew I couldn’t predict what would be necessary to keep the game alive and available many decades into the future; but I knew it was part of the project, and that I would try my best.

I love the idea of keeping relevant ideas actual. A good parallel for that is the reshape some books do to update the grammar and wording, keeping a reading accessible through time. This is not new for blogs, most of the plataforms have a edit function. But, most of time it is a tool for fixing instead of something used as a medium for continuos and long term improvement.

Eventually, I’ll stop to iterate in some posts or topics, and consider that done. Let’s keep listing to pareto’s law and improve what needs to be improved.

So long and thanks for all the fish.


  • 21/05/2021 - Initial version
  • 26/06/2021 - Add Jonathan Blow reference and some word massage.